Posted on Nov 25, 2021

Apex Pest Control

In the animal kingdom, rats are medium-sized, toothy rodents that originated in Asia and Australia and have since spread throughout the globe. ITIS (Integrated Taxonomic Information System) estimates that more than 60 different species of rats exist worldwide.

Small rats, about 5 inches in length, can grow to be frighteningly large, about the size of a large housecat and weighing five pounds or more. Larger rats, around five pounds or more, can be extremely dangerous.

Rats are constantly on the lookout for warm, dry shelters and new food sources, which is especially true during periods of inclement weather. Rodents are nocturnal creatures that can be difficult to detect during the daytime.

Apex Pest Control can assist you if you require assistance on how to rid of rats in your home. We have been providing service to Sheffield for many years and will be happy to assist you.
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